Sampo Icebreaker Cruise

When thinking about Kemi, we have to talk about the sea staying frozen nearly half of the year. The fact enables the most amazing winter adventures even to the most experienced traveller.

The mighty Icebreaker Sampo operates on the Gulf of Bothnia right outside the city of Kemi. A cruise on Sampo offers you the most exciting, memorable moments in the Arctic nature. This historical Sampo is like a moving museum having been built in the 1960’s as a government icebreaker, with the transformation to the current Cruise Icebreaker retaining its original form as close as possible from the engine room up to the Captain’s Bridge. Sampo is one of its kinds in the world – an Icebreaker offering the most incredible adventure with icebreaking experience, feel the arctic freedom on the deck or relax in the comforts of the vessel indoors sipping hot beverages in the Icebreaker bar.

While the huge vessel breaks ice, you may admire the beauty of vast open ice fields all around, and the ever changing sky above. The sun may reflect back from the white snow cover, or, as the twilight sets in, it may set down in rays of warm colours of yellow, orange and red, even lilac. Before returning to the port, the ship will make a one-hour stop to enable each visitor to participate in the swimming event, comfortably dressed in survival suits. At the end of this unique cruise experience, the crew will present the Sampo Cruise Certificate to each and every one. The liftime experience is guaranteed!

Icebreaker Sampo & snowmobiles