Where the sea unites

The Bothnian Bay area

The Bothnian Bay is the vast, shallow, Northernmost part of the Baltic Sea. Its Northern parts are tideless – but in a constant slow motion because of the upthrust – land slowly rising from the sea.

Two countries joined by the sea

Nature experiences, activities, culture, food, history, cities and a natural and a cultural UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as two European Capitals of Culture. From the Kvarken, “throat of the sea” in the southmost point all the way up to the Finnish-Swedish border in southern Lapland, the coast along the Bothnian Bay offers experiences in all seasons – in two distinct, yet similar countries.

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Four seasons of ever changing nature and landscapes. Winter wonders, summer sunsets and white nights, autumn foliage and spring sprouts – all worth experiencing.

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Bothnian Bay culture

The culture along the coast of the Bothnian bay is sculpted by the presence of the sea and the coastal landscape. People here know where they come from – there’s a certain authenticity that remains in the way they treat each other and their visitors.

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Food & Drink

Pure, locally grown food, freshly caught fish and uniquely flavoured drinks await the traveller on the Bothnian Coastal Route.

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