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The Bothnian Coastal Route project, including northern Finnish and Swedish destinations, aims to increase awareness of the coastal area around the Bothnian Bay and over the Kvarken strait, as an attractive travel route for both international tourists and locals. Through the project cooperation, the partners intend to increase the reasons for visiting the destinations along the coasts, discover their rich product range, and create better conditions for sustainable growth. Contact any of our project leaders to know more about the project, the destinations or our offerings.


Erja Back, Visit Umeå
Destination: Umeå region
+46 (0)70 647 62 78

Bo Wikström, Visit Skellefteå
Destination: Skellefteå
+46 (0)70 597 7331

Karin Åberg, Luleå Business Region
Destinations: Luleå, Piteå, Kalix, Haparanda
+46 (0)70 288 26 90

Sari Kasvi, BusinessOulu
Destinations: Oulu, Raahe, Liminka,
Kempele, Hailuoto, Ii, Kemi, Tornio
+358 (0)40 724 9419

Jaana Sirkiä, City of Kalajoki
Destination: Kalajoki
+358 (0) 40 359 14 57

Peter Källberg, Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK
Destinations: Vaasa, Pietarsaari, Kokkola
+358 (0)40 844 2058


Lead Partner

Marianne Sjöström, Kvarken Council
Lead Partner, project manager
+358 (0)40 678 83 75

Johanna Häggman, Kvarken Council
Lead Partner, communications manager
+358 (0) 50 309 2960

Project Partners

Kvarken Council EGTC (lead part and coordinating beneficiary), City of Kalajoki, Luleå Business Region AB, City of Oulu/Business Oulu, Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK, Visit Skellefteå AB and Visit Umeå AB.


Interreg Aurora, Regional Council of Lapland, Region Västerbotten, The Kvarken Council EGTC, Umeå Municipality, Vaasa Region, Development Company VASEK, City of Kalajoki, Luleå Business Region AB, City of Oulu/BusinessOulu, Visit Skellefteå AB, City of Vaasa, Kokkola Tourism Ltd, Haparanda Municipality for Haparanda/Tornio, Bothnian Arc ry, City of Pietarsaari, Piteå Municipality, Kemi Tourism Ltd and NLC Ferry Ab.

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