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Here, you'll find an array of curated articles from magazines, newspapers and social media platforms, each offering unique insights and stories about this picturesque coastal region. Follow the links and learn more about the diversity of the Bothnian Coast, and enjoy the stories.

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Lucia Speziale, BothnianCR @risparmi_e_viaggi

Hendrik Morkel, Bothnian Coastal @hendrikmorkel 

Luxury Travel Magazine NL, Finland III @inhetvliegtuig

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The Crowded Planet
The Perfect 1 Week Bothnian Coastal Route Itinerary



Nordis Skandinavian Magazine
Von Umeå bis Luleå: Bothnian Coastal Route Teil 1
Von Kalix bis Oulu: Bothnian Coastal Route Teil 2
Von Raahe bis Vaasa: Bothnian Coastal Route Teil 3