The city of Luleå with 80,000 inhabitants with the city center located on a peninsula where the wide Luleriver meets the Bothnian bay the coast and sea is always present.

Get the contrast from the modern city center of Luleå by wander around in historical Gammelstad Church Town the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Luleå’s old town. Enjoy shopping, sports, entertainment, nightlife, high class restaurants and hotels. Kicksled or skate along the 10 km long ice track around the city on the frozen sea in winter. Luleå has direct access to the brackish water archipelago with over 1300 islands, two rivers and vast forestland experience and a seasonal contrasts from snow, ice and a frozen sea in winter to sunshine, warmth, uncrowded beaches and 24 hours of daylight in summer.

With only 10 minutes to the regional, highly accessible Luleå airport and a compact city centre all surrounded by water, most things is close.

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Gammelstad Churchtown winter'