Oulu Region

The Oulu Region includes Raahe, Liminka, Kempele, Hailuoto and Ii. The region has about 250,000 inhabitants and it is the fastest growing region in Finland. The region has a lively cultural climate and also includes the southernmost fell area in Finland, world-famous bird wetlands, several natural parks and a UNESCO Geopark.

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Island in Raahe'


The Raahe region, including Raahe, Siikajoki, and Pyhäjoki, graces Finland’s Bay of Bothnia coast. Explore the Old Town Raahe, Wanha Raahe, a beautifully preserved 18th-century wooden town, and the acclaimed Archipelago of Raahe, named Finnish Outdoor Destination of 2016. Shaped by the sea and rivers, this place is synonymous with an authentic, unassuming lifestyle. Here, you’ll feel the gentle sea breeze and the forests’ whispering treetops. Clean nature is our collective legacy, one we’re committed to preserving for all to enjoy. The region offers history, art, maritime heritage, contemporary culture, and vibrant events, all woven into our distinctive way of life.

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Welcome to the charming Liminka! Visit us and find out more about the 540-year history and the modern day of Liminka, a municipality known for its active birdlife and beautiful nature! We offer visitors of all ages a wide range of active nature adventures, colourful cultural activities and interesting experiences, all year round. Liminka is a destination larger than its size, a place that has stolen the hearts of its residents – come for a visit, fall in love forever!

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Kempele is a youthful municipality next to Oulu, where urban and rural life meet in a lovely way. Kempele offers roots and history as well as high-quality services and leisure activities. Kempele main attractions are Mountain biking and hiking route Köykkyrin retkireitistö, Zemppi Areena event arena, Shopping Centre Zeppelin, bowling restaurant Boulis, Kempele local museum, amusement park Suomen Tivoli and the Vihiluoto beach.

There are four hotels and a railway station in Kempele. The distance to Oulu airport is only four kilometres. Kempele has almost 20 000 inhabitants. The municipality is the most attractive in Finland in terms of relative population growth.

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Pearl of Bothnian Bay, Hailuoto Island is the largest island in The Bothnian Bay and is known for its iconic national landscape. In the island traditions, modern living and nature are connected uniquely.

Cultural history honours local traditional knitted jumpers, tikkuröijy, charming fishing villages and intriguing stories. Hailuoto’s unique nature is diverse scenery throughout the island and has been nominated as traditional Finnish national scenery. You can reach the island by a year-round ferry. You can find some iconic landmarks from the island: the lighthouse, sea marks and beacons, and picturesque farmhouses.

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Explore Nature and Cultural Activities. The municipality of Ii is surrounded by the beautiful seaside, Gulf of Bothnia and three rivers. Ii’s unusual short name originates from the Sami word iddja or ijje which means night. Ii offers affordable and relaxing vacation opportunities and entertains visitors with summer fairs, art exhibitions and outdoor activities in nature and on water.

One of the most visited spots is the Old Ii (Wanha Hamina) which dates to the 14th century. Nowadays the Old Ii is a picturesque neighbourhood that has managed to keep its unique historical spirit.  At the heart of Old Ii, you can visit the historical local museum and church of Ii.

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