Tottesund Mansion

An idyllic manor from the 17th century. The mansion has an interesting history – e.g. the
composer Jean Sibelius got married here in 1892. In the mansion there are several exhibitions,
e.g. about Sibelius’ wedding, Maxmos first school and the Finnish Civil War. Additionally you
can visit the mansions ghost The White Lady’s room on the third floor.
In the nearby park is Herrgårdsleden (“the mansion trail”), a 4km long nature trail with several
picnic areas and a barbeque hut close to the water.
Tottesund Mansion is open at request for groups of at least 10 people. We offer guided tours with
both coffee and meals as well as a conference room and sauna with a regal as well as a nobility
inspired section – a sauna for all senses.
Only a 30-minute drive from Vaasa.
The activities are conducted by Maxmo hembygdsförening r.f. (Maxmo local history society).