Make your own Kalix caviar

An exclusive opportunity to visit Guldhaven Pelagiska, the largest producer of Kalix Löjrom (the orange golden Kalix caviar roe) a local produce awarded Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) by the EU. Here you get an insight into a fisherman’s everyday life, meet the people behind the product and see how they refine the roe. In addition, you get to try the craft yourself – making your own roe the golden caviar.

We welcome you with champagne and roe tasting in the Guldhaven Pelagiska fish factory. We watch a short film about the fishing for whitefish and the processing process of the roe. Afterwards, we take a tour of the factory where you can see how Guldhaven refines the roe. Finally, we tie the knot with you getting to try the craft yourself – making your own roe. Take home a jar of your own home-made roe of 75 grams.

The product is available as a stand-alone product only on a few certain dates per year during the production season, contact us for more information. We provide protective clothing for the factory and you don’t need any prior knowledge. The experience takes about 4 hours, depending on the size of the group.

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