Farm Escape - Escape Room with Real Animals at Farm

Is your team able to solve mysteries and get out in 60 minutes? To get out you and your team have to work together to solve problems and puzzles.

The game takes 60 minutes and takes place in Finnish countryside in Tornio with real farm animals. During the game players will open stalls and free animals, such as bunnies, chicken and ducks.

Escape room experience is fun for everyone and our games are suitable also for families with small children. You don’t need any physical strength, but logical reasoning, creativity and teamwork.

The gamekeeper will be following your progress from another room and will help you forward with hints if needed. One hour goes by fast, so the question is; can your team get out in time?

We organize escape room experience in the stable all year round. Themes of the games change periodically and you can check the current game from “Booking” page.

Inside the stable fits maximum 10 players at once, bigger groups can book games after another and there is possibility to have other activities in the Lappish hut while the other half is playing the game.

Welcome to take part in a thrilling escape room experience in the beautiful Finnish countryside!

When players solve puzzles and open locks, they free small farm animals to the game.