Fisherman's Chapel & The lighthouse on Pite-Rönnskär

At Pite-Rönnskär, it almost feels as if time has stood still. Certainly no pilots work here today, but the buildings remain and the fishing cabins are today private cabins where many islanders live a quiet archipelago life. There is a story in every corner, paths to discover and legends said to be true. Out on the church pad is the 250-year-old fishing chapel. At Pite-Rönnskär you will find Sweden’s highest iron lighthouse.

Take a nice walk to some of the island’s sights

The Fishermans Chapel
Almost at the far end of the church pad stands the 250-year-old fisherman’s chapel, with straight pews, wide floorboards, historic timber walls and a beautiful and very heavy door. The chapel is said to have been built in 1771 and even today weddings, baptisms and services are held there.

The Lighthouse
Sweden’s tallest iron lighthouse of the Heidenstam model rises majestically in its red color and is seen as the island’s hallmark by many passers-by.