Hotel Olof Restaurant

Hotel Olof was opened in November 2014 in the former premises of the bank, in the heart of Tornio. A year later, with more unique rooms, we established ourselves as a boutique hotel.

From the beginning, service has been of primary importance to us and we want to guarantee the comfort of each of our guests. In addition to service, we have also invested in quality sleep in the form of Finnish beds and air-conditioned rooms.

The history of both Tornio and our house is strongly present in our hotel. The walls of the rooms are decorated with luxurious photo wallpapers purchased from the Torniolaakso Provincial Museum, made from photographs taken by Reino Kaunulainen. Depending on the room, you can see either Tornio’s “Old Bridge” from 1954, the former disabled cafe from 1973 (currently the Closed Tunnel) or Hotelli Olof’s corner from 1960.

The hotel has a river view directly to Tornionjoki. In winter, you can admire the frozen river from the window or experience it by walking, skiing or, for example, ice skating. In the spring, the ice melt is a wonderful sight, and in the summer, the calm flowing blue water is eye-catching.

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