Kalajoki Booking Centre

Kalajoki Booking Centre has the largest and most diverse selection of accommodation with over 300 accommodation options and 1500 beds! You can choose accommodation possibilities ranging from the luxurious to the relaxed and easy or a traditional Finnish cottage, apartment or hotel room.

In addition to the wide and versatile accommodation selection, the Kalajoki Booking Centre offers many kind of holiday activities all year round. Our competent team, which is familiar with the local services, can provide you with more information.
Choose meals, activities, meeting service, tickets and transportation – what ever you need for your holiday – Kalajoki Booking Centre can organize it all for you in one local service.

The Booking Centre office and tourist information service operate in the heart of the Hiekkasärkät tourist centre in the Kohtaamispaikka Loisto throughout the year. Welcome to visit our office, we are happy to help you with accommodation reservations and with booking other local activities and services.

The Hiekkasärkät sand dunes and the Kalajoki tourist centre are located in Northern Ostrobothnia, on the Bothnian Bay coast alongside via route 8. The pure sea nature is surrounding Hiekkasärkät tourism centre. Versatile selection of activities, accommodations and restaurants provide unforgettable experiences and adventures for visitors all year round. There will be no shortage of events or activities at Kalajoki. See you at the Hiekkasärkät sand dunes in Kalajoki, one of the most popular resorts in Finland.

Cozy holiday experiences surrounded by the sea and tranquil Finnish nature!