Koitelinkoski Rapids recreation area

Koitelinkoski is a beautiful place for nature lovers on any day of the year. The area features free-flowing rapids that attract visitors to admire the landscape and relax in the nature just 25 kilometres from Oulu city centre. In the springtime, the crushing of the breaking ice signals the power of the river, while the summery, gentle roar is a soothing sound. The colours of the autumn leave spectators breathless, and in the winter the beauty of the icy landscape under a starry sky is dazzling. Especially children will remember Koiteli as a fun adventure with suspension bridges leading to the several islands in the area.

Paddling on the untamed river, swimming in the rapids, and river fishing will crown a memorable trip. Koiteli is an excellent destination for a family day trip, and accessibility has also been considered in the area. The recreation area has several campfire sites for enjoying a picnic in the unique atmosphere. A café and ice-cream stand serve visitors in the summertime.

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Koiteli elää -festival.