Kukkolaforsen hotel

Experience an unforgettable holiday at the border between Sweden and Finland with thrilling activities and breathtaking landscapes. Located right in front of the Kukkola rapids of the mighty Torne River that is also the national border between Sweden and Finland, in a picturesque historic cultural village. Kukkolaforsen offers river-view hotel and bungalows and winter activities from visits to a husky and reindeer farm to snowmobiling and northern lights photography. Fishing, food and sauna traditions of Torne River Valley are treasured. Sauna is very important in our everyday life. Our sauna village has 16 saunas in the area and it is also home to the Swedish Sauna Academy. The food we serve has a special combination of Swedish and Finnish food traditions. It is locally produced and always varied with seasons. The specialty from the Kukkola village is the whitefish and we combine salmon, reindeer, and other local food to create the best possible food experience. The fishing method for the whitefish, the bag net fishing, is over 500-year-old and we are applying to UNESCOs World Heritage list of Living Cultural Heritage with it.

Kukkolaforsen restaurant in summer

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