Historical accommodation in Lövånger Churchtown

Lövånger Church town is one of the older church towns that are preserved. Old maps have been found in church buildings from the middle of the 17th century.

The church villages became quite common after the Protestant church in Sweden gained its power and placed high demands on the church among the people. You would regularly attend church services and holidays. In 1681, “church tours” were introduced, which meant that those who lived within a mile of the church would come every Sunday and within two miles every other Sunday.

All the wooden houses in the Lövånger church town are painted in Falu red. Window shutters and doors are painted in yellow ochre whilst windowsills and mullions shine brightly white. Lövånger Church Town was already built in the 18th century and is one of the best preserved church towns in the world.

The cottages are renovated to a good standard but all the cottages have retained their contemporary charm. Our cabins have one to five beds, a shower and toilet and most have kitchenettes.

There are several church towns around the country, but few that offer overnight accommodation to private individuals. Lövånger Church village, with it’s 117 church cottages, is one of the few church towns with the unique opportunity to book a private stay in.

Lövångergården, with it’s restaurant service, offers accommodation in Lövånger Kyrkstad’s church cottages. Everything from curious visitors, conference guests and weddings are attracted to this unique accommodation option. 

Lövångergården has achived the Västerbotten Experience label for its ambitions in sustainability.


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