Malören Lodge accommodation

The island of Malören rose from the sea as late as 1500 years ago and came early to be a retreat for the Bothnian fishermen. The island also became a pilot station and finally a holiday destination. With its distinctive nature, the island is a unique gem far out in the Bothnian bay.

At Malören you can choose to stay over night in either the Lighthouse with two bedrooms, lounge and a private kitchen perfect for a family. Or in the Pilot cabin (Lotsstugan) that have seven double rooms and a shared kitchen. All the rooms are bright and cozy. Bed linen can be rented or you can bring your own.

The kitchen in the Pilot cabin can be used by all guests. Here you can make your own breakfast and cook simple meals. The kitchen is fully equipped for cooking including stove, kettles and cooking utensils. There is also the possibility of storing provisions in the fridge and freezer. Adjacent to the kitchen there is a family room where you can sit down an eat or play chess or games, read and meet other guests. No meals are incl.


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