Visitor Centre Meteoria Söderfjärden

WOW! – SÖDERFJÄRDEN, an outstanding place on the west coast of Finland – a magnificient, 520 million years old meteorite impact crater in Vaasa, one of 200 craters on our planet.
YOU can meet this rare natural formation in the visitors centre Meteoria. For curios visitors of all ages there is a lot to explore.

In the middle of the ancient meteorite crater Söderfjärden, today a wide field circle, is the Meteoria. Here you and the whole family can experience the unique history of the place and enjoy professional exhibitions and video shows. At the same time you can learn more about the history of the earth, about space, also about Söderfjärden today as a paradise for birds and as a productive agricultural area and about sustainable energy solutions in the Meteoria.
Open daily between 23.6 – 11.8 – other times two days a week or on request.