Northern Lodges – top of the hill accommodation

The Northern Lodges is located at the top of the hill, small mountain of Vallsberget. Light a fire and just enjoy the break from your daily life on top of the hill. And maybe, if you’re lucky, you will fall asleep looking at the northern lights through the roof windows right from your bed – during autumn and winter season. Or admire the 24 hours of daylight in summer.

We operate one single lodge with room for two people. We strive to give our guest an exclusive experience and a part of that is to be alone on the mountain without other accommodations nearby. The lodge is built like an igloo with big panoramic windows that let you overlook mountains, forests and the sky. It is completely disconnected from water, sewage and electricity and can therefore be placed in unique places that would not otherwise be possible.

In the private sauna, you can sit back and relax while looking out over the fantastic view. The sauna is wood-fired and at the same time heats water that you can use to shower off after the sauna or any adventures you might enjoy on the mountain.

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