Meet reindeers and learn about the Sami culture

A life with reindeer is wonderful in many ways. They are sweet, cute and truly lovely to work with. For the Sami culture, they have always been immensely important in providing transportation, food, materials for handicraft and clothing. However, there is also another story. Climate change is making the grazing conditions unpredictable. An increasing number of predators are challenging the traditional, environmental friendly way of life among the Sami people. We want you as our guests to have a genuine, true experience of life in the North. The Sami culture is surrounded with many romantic myths. Some of them are true but not all of them. Welcome to take part of our everyday life where you will be able to ask whatever questions you have about Sami people, reindeer or life in the North in general.

If you are dreaming of getting really close to reindeer, taking pictures and find out more about these wonderful animals and learn some about the life as Sami reindeer herders, this is the visit for you. During this visit we focus on the reindeer and finish off with coffee or tea in our lávvu (Sami tipi) by the open fire. As in all our bookings you are a maximum of 15 persons at the same time. We can take min 2 persons and can make special arrangements for groups up to max 50 people.

Parfa reindeer

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