Siknäsfortet Cold War secret fortress

Experience the history of the Cold War and the Kalix Defense Line. Forty meters down under the Hömyr mountain at the Siknäs peninsula you will find the once top secret subterranean fortress, which was built for the defense of Töre harbour, the most northern deep-water harbour in Sweden, as well as to delay an enemy advance towards using the E4 road towards the Boden fortress (the main defense point of Northern Sweden).

The bunker is a fantastic experience with its unique background and the stories of both its every day life as well as the secret construction of the defense against an invasion. Inside the museum You will also find exhibitions from the days of the Cold War.

Part of the museum in two other locations in the area is also the Mini submarine HMS Spiggen in Töre (11 km) and the Anti-aircraft tower and the infantry redoubt in Morjärv (37 km).

During high season (July and August) we offer scheduled guided tours of the Siknäsfortet fortress several days a week. Other seasons on request, please contact us by phone or e-mail to book a group tour.

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