Snow Sculpting: Unleash Your Creative Powers!

Oulu Safaris activities for groups over 10 persons

Unleash your inner snow artist! Dive into the world of snow sculpting with our guided activity. This experience will awaken your creativity as you discover the art of transforming snow into a unique building material.

Participants will receive essential guidance on techniques and equipment, along with an introduction to the fascinating properties of snow as a creative medium. All you need to bring is your boundless imagination! Snow offers a captivating canvas for building, carving, and shaping. It’s not only a medium of art but also a source of delightful challenge and endless enjoyment.

We approach this activity with a lighthearted spirit, as art knows no boundaries or definitions. Each creation that emerges from the heart is a masterpiece in its own right. So, let’s sculpt, carve, and let the fun flow freely as we embrace the wonderful world of snow art.

Oulu Safaris