Snowmobile safaris from Filipsborg

A snowmobile safari for the nature lover where you learn a lot about nature, birds, animals, plants and trees. We start with a safety briefing and driving technique for the snowmobiles before we head out into the frozen landscape. Depending on weather conditions we go upstream the Kalix River, or downwards towards the sea and the archipelago and its protected Natura 2000 areas. We stop at several places where we will do lots of storytelling about nature and the area, the vegetation, the rivers and the sea. You will learn a lot about the area and will have many opportunities for photography. Please make sure the cameras and phones are fully charged.

Two people per snowmobile, the participants take turns driving. To drive a snowmobile under the guidance of our guide, a driving license corresponding to car or higher is required. Both 2h and 3h tours.

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