Stundars Outdoor Museum

Welcome to Stundars museum village!
Stundars museum village in Korsholm is one of the largest open-air museums in all of Finland. The museum consists of multiple buildings, that were all relocated from villages in Korsholm and the Vaasa region. In the museum village there is a country shop, a village school, and a farmhouse, as well as many artisans’ workshops and crofters’ cottages.
Stundars offers an extensive view into daily life during the turn of the of the 20th century, through guided tours in the museum buildings and the exhibits. At the museum village it is also possible to see work and handicrafts demonstrations, as well as take part in daily chores. During the summer season it is also possible to meet the animals living at Stundars. Stundars has something to offer for all ages and there are public events and programmes all year round, such as handicrafts days, markets, and children’s activities. There is even an art studio and a printing museum, while Stundars also hosts the Lyckans Café and the private restaurant Hemmer.
During the summer season the museum village can be visited with an entry fee every day, between 11 and 16. Knowledge about past life in the countryside can be reached through guided tours, handicrafts demonstrations and exhibits, as well as during themed days. Information for the guided tours of the museum village during the summer season can be found at Guided tours and other activities during the rest of the year by appointment, at