Sunset & Beach picnic

Enjoy the legendary sunset of Kalajoki from the best location. We have packed a backpack of goodies for you with a map guiding you to the best location for enjoying the sunset over the open seafront, coloring the sandy dunes in lovely pastels. The sunset of Kalajoki has many appearances. It can be chilly and even a bit frosty, the colors vary from all shades of yellow to deep orange and also shades of pink and purple can be seen on a cloudy night. Here on the arctic coast, we enjoy white nights in the middle of the summer, this is the time when the sun barely sets. These evenings have their own special magic too. In addition to natures colors, you can enjoy the laid-back atmosphere on the beach. There are many people strolling on the dunes in the beautiful evening light and out on the sea you might see some boats or even a seal or two. Far out in the horizon you see the silhouette of Maakalla island. Bring a friend or a loved one and grab the basket with a map to the best location and then sit down and enjoy the best of Kalajoki.