The Siiponjoki nature trail guided phototour

Guided photo tour to Siiponjoki nature trail takes you to the heart of the untouched nature of the banks of Siiponjoki.
This excursion focuses especially on capturing the diversity of nature and the small details. The surroundings of the Pleuna laavu offer a peaceful and beautiful environment where you can focus on filming and enjoy the peace of nature.

Guided photography tour on Siiponjoki’s nature trails
Personal guidance on nature photography techniques and tools
Group photography and individual portraits for participants
Small snack package for the trip (e.g. coffee/tea and snacks)
A moment by the campfire, discussing the experience and enjoying nature.

What do you need for this trip?

– Camera (mobile phone 2018+/10mp+, paperback/system camera).
– Suitable outdoor clothing, drinks.
If you own one, bring a tripod / gimbal / stand for your mobile phone.