Traditional Fishing Harbour Kiviniemi

The traditional fishing harbour in Kello is known as an important food source for local people. When the sea is free of ice, fishermen return to shore from early morning on, selling fresh fish to customers directly. You can also shop around the year at Kalapuohi, a store specialising in fish delicacies. You can get to Kello from Oulu by car or directly on bus number 21.

If you are into sea life and own a boat, you can easily sail to Kiviniemi, too. The guest marina is protected by sturdy breakwaters, serving seafarers through the open water season. The guest spots for boats can be found on the jetty opposite the harbour entrance and at the end of the breakwater. You can enjoy a cup of coffee at Knaapi Café or refuel your boat. If you are feeling hot and need to cool down, there are beaches on both sides of the harbour.

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View of red buildings in the harbour.