Traditional whitefish catch and grilling Kukkolankoski

You arrive at Kukkolankoski rapids and meet a local fisherman there. Kukkola is a village divided by Torneå river and the border between Sweden and Finland. On both sides of the border the same unique fishing tradition exists and flourishes still today.
The cultural environment around Kukkolankoski rapids include the buildings traditional to the area and fishing related constructions on both sides of Torneå river. Whitefish is still fished using a sort of a landing net, “lippo” in Finnish, and the day’s catch is divided among the village houses based on old agreement. Today you will have the chance to try this fishing method, or if clmbng up on the thin contruction over the rapids is not your thing, you can observe the fisherman do this. Short drive takes you to Kukkolankoski Resort where some whitefish is grilled in the hut by the river.

Traditionally whitefish is roasted on a spit (a wooden stake) and this has become the unique delicacy of Kukkola Rapids. in Sweden and Finland. We will grill your freshly caught whitefish over an open fire in the traditional Kukkola fashion. While you wait for your fish to be done, you can sit by the fire, enjoying some simple appetizers and listenng to stories. Once your fish is ready, you can enjoy it by the fire. The taste will amaze you!

This program is organized on request for min 10 persons.

Duration: 2 hrs

Whitefish by the fire in Kukkola, Finland.

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