Vana spa at The Wood hotel by Elite

Vana spa, is worth a visit, if not for the view. The Vana Spa, on the 20th top floor of The Wood hotel, itself is like a Nordic cabin in the sky – besides the steam room and a hammam are the heated wintry outdoor pool and the obligatory sauna – and enhancing that vibe are earthy, urbane patterns and finishes, courtesy of Scandinavian architect Per Öberg. But one’s lingering memory is of floating atop this towering ‘plyscraper’ with views extending beyond the city to the enveloping pine and spruce forest; and often enough, even beyond that, at least in wintertime – to the Northern Lights.

Vana Spa also offer a wide range of beneficial treatments performed by skilled therapists and delicious drinks from the spa bar to enjoy in relaxing lounge chairs, with a view.

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