Wasaline – The fast ferry route between Vaasa and Umeå

Wasaline is transporting passengers across Kvarken daily. The journey between Umeå, Sweden and Vaasa, Finland takes only 3.5-4 hours with the new environmentally friendly Aurora Botnia.

The ferry is a modern ship with 2 cargo decks. It accommodates 935 passengers and has a freight capacity of 1,500 lane meters for trucks and cars.

The vessel is designed to be environmentally friendly, with machinery running on a dual fuel and battery solution. The main source of fuel is liquefied natural gas, LNG. The vessel will also be able to utilise biogas.

Transfer traffic in Vasa

To ferry terminal: The bus leaves 1 hour before the departure of the ferry from the city centre.

From the ferry terminal: The bus to the city centre, leaves about 10 minutes after the ferry has arrived.

Transfer traffic in Umeå

To ferry terminal: The transfer bus departs from Ålidhem centre 90 minutes before the ferry departure and departs approx 1hour 20 minutes before the ferry departure, from bus stop W (Västra Kyrkogatan) in the city centre.

From the ferry terminal to Umeå: The transfer connection departs from the ferry terminal 15 minutes after the ferry has arrived.