Wellbeing and peace of mind from forest

Add some mind fullness and happiness by acting with huskies, training forest yoga and relaxing in smoke sauna. Get your group and enjoy of day with gentle nature sport and happy tails swifting. You will spend a day in neighbouring areas unique places surrounded by calming forest nature.
Awakening senses of experience will be upgraded afterwards in relaxing smoke sauna`s gentle steams and swimming in the pond.
Package includes:
* Get to know husky farm and huskies
* 3 kilometres long hike with named by own husky. After hiking huskies will be feed together
* Served snack (coffee, juice, hot sausages)
* Guided forest yoga at Linnakallio Alavieska, forest yoga is suitable for every one
* Smoke sauna traditional experience, swimming in the clear water pond near by smoke sauna
* Tasty evening snack at Linnakallios`s traditional atmosphere

Schedule will be tailored according client`s need and activity provider`s reservations.

Transfers and accommodations available for extra charge.