Winter experiences in Sanginjoki - Naturest Oy

Snowy, peaceful forest is waiting for you!

We offer winter experiences and activities in Sanginjoki area for individuals and groups. How does it sound to hike in the dark snowy forest during the polar night? Or learning how the animals and plants are adapted for the dark and cold winter?

The Nature Cafe Loppula, old forest ranger’s hut of Sanginjoki, is also at your service!

For an example: Looking for the perfect Christmas tree:
The Christmas tree is an important part of the Finnish Christmas tradition. Earlier Finnish families have traditionally picked a Christmas tree from their own forest. Nowadays, many people buy spruce from a merchant, and more and more people use artificial spruce. In this day trip we head to the Sanginjoki nature reserve, where we meet forest expert Rita Porkka. We take a walk in the snowy forest and hear stories and facts about Finns’ unique relationship with the forest.
At the end of the forest walk, we eat a traditional Christmas rice porridge or soup lunch in an atmospheric old forest ranger’s hut Nature Cafe Loppula. After that, we will make traditional Christmas decorations that we can take home as gifts.

Option for transport.
We arrange activities also at other locations than Sanginjoki, for example Rokua.

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