All Inclusive Fishing Day in Ii

Bring your work team or business guests to enjoy fishing and a seascape that will make your creativity fly. This is where the best memories and ideas are born!

This fishing trip gives you time to explore the fisheries in depth or even forge partnerships with corporate clients while casting a line. A two-boat fishing trip is a great way to entertain important business guests and stakeholders. We fish in the sea area off Ii and in the Ii river estuary.

On this trip, you can both go trolling on a modern covered trolling boat with the latest technology and cast fishing from a large, sturdy open boat, which is made for fishing the waves of the Bothnian Bay. Boats can also compete in a playful  fishing championship as a team or individual competition.

Our typical catches are pike and perch, which are great and interesting to catch.  A very lucky angler can hook a pike perch or a strong sea trout, which is quite abundant in the area nowadays and also catchable all season long.

The lunch break is spent either out at sea or in the shelter of the cottage, enjoying a meal prepared by the chef. We have a wide range of options to please the whole group. We prefer to serve fish from the Bothnian Bay and local meat.

After lunch we change boats and fishing methods, so you get to try both.

When we catch fish, we act responsibly, releasing undersized or very large specimens. Part of the catch can be taken home by the group.

The boats can comfortably accommodate six people in addition to the skippers.