Bergudden Lighthouse residence on Holmön

At the end of the road, is Bergudden lighthouse on the island of Holmön. For over 130 years, the lighthouse has alerted and guided seafarers on their way through the perilous waters of Norra Kvarken. Lighthousekeepers and their families have lived and worked here throughout its history. Today you can taste the lighthouse keeper life, be exposed to the elements at Bergudden, and see the sunset over the sea, the fog rolling in, or the light from the lighthouse dance on the waves of Norra Kvarken.

The unique location, far out at sea, also poses some challenges for you as a guest. The light keeper homes have no electricity or running water. The toilet is an outhouse, the kitchen is self-catering, and the shower is sea or a basin and a jug.

Simplicity is the order of the day, allowing you to experience a different kind of luxury; the magical location and the power of nature right outside your window. An encounter with a place, with history, and with nature.


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