Gotthards krog

In the 19th century, cellar master Gotthard Zetterbergs laid the foundation for the magnificent meeting place that today resides at Storgatan 46 in Umeå. You can still sense, that Gotthard’s spirit and memories of his many travels and adventures are reflected in the food, drinks and decor.

Today, Gotthard’s stands for a modern gastronomy where local ingredients and innovative processing are the focus.

Gotthard’s krog consisting of three units, a Square, a Dining Room and a Bar. The square is an open restaurant square, filled with life and activity every day. Here you can stop spontaneously by for a bite to eat or a momentary break with a refreshing drink. In the dining room are food and drink experiences beyond the ordinary offered. Our bar is open for a relaxed evening with friends or botanizing exciting flavours in liquid form.


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