Bonnstan – Skellefteå’s historical church town

In just a 15-minute walk from the center of Skellefteå, along the Skellefteå river, is Bonnstan. With a history dating back to the 1600’s, it’s one of Sweden’s best of preserved church towns and already in the 17th century served as a gathering and overnight place for people from the villages around Skellefteå.

At that time, the parish of Skellefteå was a very large area, and since church duty prevailed in the country, people had to stay overnight. Today he chambers in Bonnstan in Skellefteå are privately owned and there are 116 houses and almost 400 chambers. Bonnstan was declared a listed site in 1982.

Just besides Bonnstan church village is the Nordanå open air museum area

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