Husky tour from Brändön Lodge

Dogsledding is an amazing winter activity. The husky teams from a nearby kennel will take you on a fantastic adventure. Huskies just love to run and travel through our beautiful winter scenery, they love the cold winter climate and they are perfectly suited to the cold, ice and snow. After introductions, a safety briefing and information on the journey ahead, you and a partner either take control of the husky team and self-drive, or relax in the sled along forest and lake trails. Along the way, you will be able to enjoy the scenery and thrill of driving the husky team. On our stops, the guide will inform you about the life of a husky musher in the frozen north, the dogs as well as the fantastic arctic nature.

We offer both short tours 1 h to full day tour expierence 6 h. Transfer options from Lulelå city.

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