Kayak and summer activities with Explore Luleå

Join us on a paddle trip with a sea kayak in the Luleå archipelago. With over 1000 islands, we have a very beautiful and varied archipelago. Kayaking here is a fantastic way to feel close to the water, nature and tranquility. The archipelago offers many attractions with, for example, its birdlife and beautiful islands with barbecue areas, cabins and saunas.

When we then paddle on, there are several nice places to choose from to disembark and enjoy a coffee. The beauty of the kayaks is that they hold a lot, so we bring what we need to have the best possible time.

We offer you a kayak tour in the Luleå archipelago with varying starting locations depending on weather conditions.

Explore Luleå also offer other outdoor activities in summer-autumn season both for groups and individuals. Check our web site.

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