Frozen Iijoki River and Sea Experienced from a Snowmobile Sleigh

Experience the stunning seascapes of the  Bothnian Bay and Iijoki river on a snowmobile sleigh. Winter nature unfolds in all its glory as you ride on the ice. The sun, moon and stars, even the northern lights, light up the sky depending on the time of day.

The Iijoki river and the northern part of the Bothnian Sea usually freeze over by December at the latest. When the ice is thick enough, the sleighing season begins, allowing you to ride on a snowmobile pulled sleigh across the endless open plains and admire the islands and winding branches of Ii river.

The one and a half hour tour is broken up at convenient intervals and your guide will tell you about history and natural phenomena in the area. You may even get to chat to a couple of fishermen who are checking their nets. You can warm up at a lean-to, where you can have a snack if you wish. The excursion is suitable for everyone, regardless of fitness level, except very young children.