Isbanan – nature ice track around Luleå city

Luleå is famous for Isbanan – the ice track on natural sea ice that encompass the city peninsula, spanning from one side to the other and then out into the Bothnian archipelago to the tiny island of Gråsjälören. Tourists as well as locals, enjoy the ice track daily while walking, kicksledding, cross country skiing, running or biking. Look out for the free kick sled to use. Also possible to rent kick sleds with guide for groups via Explore Luleå.

The length of the ice track varies from year to year but usually measure up to about 10 kilometers, sometimes longer. Along the track you will find benches and even fireplaces to stop and rest at. At the south bay (Södra Hamn) and north bay (Norra Hamn) you will find the entrances to the ice track that are suitable for wheelchairs and strollers.

The ice track usually opens in late December or early January due to weather and ice situations. And closes end of March or beginning of April.

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