Island Hopping at Raahe Archipelago

Get to know the pearl of the Bay of Bothnia, the lacy network of Raahe archipelago islands! We start the summer season at the end of May with island cruises in the Raahe archipelago. You get to visit the most interesting and beautiful spots in the Raahe archipelago on an Island Hopping Cruise. During the cruise you get to know three of the main islands, of which we will land ashore two.

Iso-Kraaseli Island

Iso-Kraaseli is the second largest island of Raahe archipelago. The island can be easily recognized from sea by its trademark lighthouse called pooki in Finnish. Hidden on the 1,3 kilometres long island is a nature trail, and you will also find there a pilot house, a decked barbecue, dock for visiting boats, and a hut that you can rent for staying over the night on the island. The nature trail takes you to the open sea side of the island where you will find excellent spots for fishing and bird hunting.

Kalla Island

Kalla represents the barren rocky seascape in the Raahe archipelago. On this bleak and beautiful island you can feel the sea in all its forms and let its power guide you to the tactile world of the senses. On the Kalla island stands the Raahe Fishing Club fishing hut in which fishermen, hunters and trekkers escaping the humdrum of everyday life can freely spend a night and enjoy the peace and quiet of the surrounding nature.

Tasku Island

Tasku is the most well known of the islands in the Raahe archipelago, and perhaps also the most atmospheric. The trademark of Tasku includes the 19,2 metres tall lighthouse or pooki built in 1853 that has serves as an important landmark for the sailors and seafarers in the Raahe archipelago ever since the time of the sailboats. On Tasku island you will also find a cottage to enjoy a break in, a decked barbecue area, and an outhouse. Experience the empowering effect of nature and see the sunset and sunrise in this unique environment by spending a night on the old fishing hut on the island.