Pite Rönnskär, a perfect island day

Pite Rönnskär is a former lighthouse and pilot site, and perhaps the most iconic island in the entire Bothnian Bay archipelago. This island has it all: small, red, idyllic cottages combined with a well-preserved, picturesque little fishing village, a lighthouse, a hostel with a café, a chapel and a large helping of archipelago tranquillity. Those who want to see more of nature can follow a hiking trail to the other side of the island.

For the past 100 years, the 37-meter-high Heidenstam lighthouse, which has been called the “Queen of Lighthouses”, has been towering here. Pite-Rönnskär carries a strong and highly present heritage from the fishing era where the then fishing village, some 30 fishing cottages still exist today,  now has been transformed into small holiday cottages that stand close together. Check here for more history and facts.

In summer you arrive the island with both scheduled tours, and on-request boat taxi from the harbour in Kinnbäck mainland

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