Pite-Rönnskär island hiking trail

Spend a casual afternoon in archipelago style by exploring the island Pite Rönnskär and treasuring the small wonders and the sea air.

Experience a large part of the island by following a hiking trail through the forest, to the other side of the island. Follow the gangway past the wheelbarrows towards the ensigns, which are the orange sailing beacons that show the fairway into port. These signs stand at the edge of the forest and cannot be missed. After about 20 minutes’ walk there is a new view of the see with a barbecue area with the possibility to prepare a meal on the campfire. Along the trail, you can pick berries and mushroom, when it’s season.

For those who believe: Deep in the spruce forest on the northeastern part of the island, there is a mythical boulder, called Klockstenen. Every time it rings for worship, this mighty moss-covered boulder is said to turn a quarter of a turn clockwise.

Swim and Sauna
Take a swim from the jetty or bring your swimwear to the back of the island and swim there.  There is a wood-fire heated sauna close to the quay which is open to the public.

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