Liminka Bay Visitor Centre

Experience nature on wings on Finland’s finest wetland!
Welcome to the Liminka Bay Visitor Centre!
The evening flights of the geese, the spring dance of the ruffs and the autumn migration of the common cranes are absolutely amazing. The Liminka Bay Visitor Centre has bird-themed exhibition, where the rich bird life of Liminka Bay is the main focus, and at the same time, the life of birds is looked at in a variety of ways.

Permanent exhibition The Eight Seasons of Birds’ Year
At the Eight Seasons of Birds’ Year exhibition, you can admire the stunning beauty of birds! You can study the annual cycle from the birds’ perspective. The starring role is played by the varied bird species of Liminganlahti Bay but the exhibition also explores the life of birds more generally. Many who have visited the Eight Seasons of Birds exhibition say that it is the most beautiful nature exhibition ever. The exhibition has been designed for families with children. However, it also provides fascinating and topical information for passionate bird enthusiasts. Also changing exhibitions.

For children, Linnunpesä – the Bird’s Nest, where you can listen to fairy tales. Reference library and shop. Restaurant-café. There is a bird tower nearby.

Visitor centre managed by Metsähallitus. Check opening hours from Visitor Centre’s homepage.

Ruovikon takana on rakennus, jossa on torni.  Behind the beach grass is a building with a tower.