Northern lights tour on snowshoes with Luleå Travel

Join a Northern Lights tour on snowshoes and experience the wonder of a night time winter walk in the snow covered forest. This activity will take you on a walk to view the night sky far away from disturbing city lights and enlarge you chance to see the Northern Lights.

With the sound of crunching snow under your feet and your headlamps illuminating your path of glistering snow an mysterious world of changing shapes is created. The tours are fully guided and there are variety of trails to suit all ages and abilities. No experience is required and we supply all the gear you need for a safe and comfortable trip.

On a good spot – with clear views to the sky, a fire will be made.  Here you can relax, enjoy hot steaming coffee and listen to the sparkling fire while sitting comfortable on reindeer skins. Your experienced guide will tell you more about the background of the Northern Lights, explaining the different colours, get tips how to photograph them and learn about myths and mythology around this mysterious phenomena from our ancient ancestors.

A Natures Best certified product. Luleå Travel also offer other Northern Light tours.


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