The Island of Norrbyskär - Museum

About 39 kilometers south of Umeå you will find the archipelago idyll of Norrbyskär. A short ferry ride of 15 minutes and you will experience something unique. Step ashore and live back to Norrbyskär’s heyday when Europe’s largest sawmill flourished, and Frans Kempe had created his unique model society characterised by a sense of consideration for the employees.

The museum talks about this unique sawmill community that once existed on the island, – a complete community with a church, school, shop and housing. The island was its own little world. Today the well-preserved old worker’s dwellings are used as summerhouses and in the old machine room you will find the museum, the restaurant and art exhibitions.

A guided tour on the train takes you along Norrbyskär’s beautiful main street, to the old school and the manor residence.

The Museum restaurant serves lunch. The Salmon Plate is recommended! Also, check for the homebaked pastries!

The Ferry from Norrbyn to Norrbyskär.

The main road with worker dwellings on the island.


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