Ralph Lundstengården Stone barn restaurant

Ralph Lundstengården is a traditional farmstead typical for northern Sweden with a history stretching as far back as the 1700s. The famous electronic music composer Ralph Lundsten grew up here.

The restaurant is located in the Stone barn, where we have created a unique atmosphere. Upstairs you find the Hayloft, with its lovely timber walls and meeting facilities. Our facilities are available for reservations all year round, meetings, weddings, party- and group arrangements. On the yard we have a cozy wooden kota for smaller group arrangements.

A meal at Ralph Lundstengården is not just about food, the opportunity to listen to an interesting story about the farm and the people having left their mark here the culinary experience will become a memory of a lifetime. During end of November and most part of December we are offering our famous traditional Swedish Christmas table.

As an order restaurant we accept lunch and dinner reservations for groups of 10 people minimum.


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