Reindeer Ranch

​Welcome to a place where lots of reindeers roam around you and you experience what a day as a reindeer herder can be like. You will feed the reindeer with fodder and their most important food reindeer lichen. With a little luck, the reindeer will also eat the lichen directly from your hands.

When the reindeer have been fed, you can learn more about the reindeers and listen to stories about what life as a reindeer herder entails. You sit inside the “kåta” – a hut,and you learn to make coffee over an open fire and you will taste reindeer meat.

When the stories are over, you get to learn the most important thing you need to know as a reindeer herder, –  how to throw a lasso! Lasso is used by the reindeer herders to catch the reindeers. For groups we can even prepare a unik meal on the open fire.

Tip: Make the experience complete and combine the visit with an overnight among the reindeer. Absolutely magical.


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