Restaurang CG

CG stands for “carnivore grill” so at Restaurang CG quality meat have always been the leading star. Here they stay to simple traditions as baking with sourdough, dry, marinade, smoke and long-cook. Always choosing seasonal produce and all of their meat is cooked on their charcoal grill, the heart of the kitchen. All of the meats are chosen with great care from quality producers.

CG combines the finest meats with premium fish and seafood. The restaurant has a burning passion for local specialties selected by season. Honest northern Swedish flavors incorporated into dishes with our own unique twist, including options for vegetarian preferences. Wine is the elixir of life. Our locally sourced delicacies are something special. The taste adventures of cheeses open up for more. Desserts are composed for spontaneous heavenly expressions. To accompany it all, a bar offers meetings with something new.

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