Snowmobile and sleigh trip on frozen sea after sunset in the Baltic Sea off Ii

Join us on a spectacular adventure on the frozen sea to observe the stunning, peaceful nature. Keep your camera ready as Auroras can appear quickly in the sky.

One of the most stunning phenomena of winter nature is the Northern Lights dancing in the northern skies. Seeing the Northern Lights and the bright starry sky in cities and near roads is increasingly difficult due to light pollution. In the Baltic Sea off Ii, there are fewer light sources, so on a clear evening or night, you can observe a truly interesting sky.

From around the turn of the year until the beginning of February, the excursion can start in the evening at around 20.00, later in spring the departure is around 22.00. Best time to start the trip is around sunset.

The excursion will be tailored to you and your group, so you can enjoy the natural surroundings and the atmosphere created by the darkness in complete tranquillity. The excursion proceeds by snowmobile and sleigh to an area suitable, where we can admire the sea and the nearby islands in the sunset light. We’ll build a fire in the mobile fire pit so you can stay warm and roast a picnic lunch if you wish.

Sleigh ready for guests in Ii