The Tasku Island Historical Daymark in Raahe Archipelago

The daymark in Tasku was built in 1853. 19.2 metres above the sea level, 16.5 metres above the ground. Designed by Albin Stjerncreutz, chief of the Ostrobothnian navigation district. The original colour of the daymark was yellow. The daymark was repaired in 1866, and it is said that it was also tarred and painted with red-ochre, but was later repainted yellow in 1877. The first daymark was apparently built on the Tasku Island in the very first years following the establishment of Raahe town (1649). The layout of the daymark is square-shaped. The building resembles a church tower and the roof is pyramid-shaped, with a cross on top. The daymark was repaired in 1890, 1909 and 1914. In 1922, the daymark’s liners were renewed, the cross was replaced and a lock was added to the door, double-painted with oil paint.

In summertime, you can access the archipelago on small cruise boats or by canoe – or go stand up paddling either on your own or on guided tours, or with your own or rented equipment or boat. Normally, the cruise boat charter transport season starts in May and operates all the way until October. The summer schedules for daily departures are published in the Archipelago cruises and transport website.

In winter, when the ice is firm enough, the islands can be accessed by sleigh and other means, weather permitting. Skiing, walking and cycling on the frozen sea is a favourite pastime for locals too. Read more about the services available in the archipelago in

Tasku island and historical daymark in the summer